Zum Tod von David Boadella

David Boadella ist am 18.11.2021 friedlich zuhause nach einer kurzen Lungenentzündung gestorben.
Seine Frau Silvia Boadella hat uns einen Text zukommen lassen, den David vorbereitet hatte.

First of all my immense gratitude for the gifts of life:

For the deep care and support as a child from my parents: for the songs and paintings of my mother Jessie, and for the bedtime myths and spiritual “glimpses of the light” from my father, Harold.
For the time with my first wife, Elsa, who shared her love of poetry and mountains and swans with me.

For my deep partnership with Silvia, with whom I could share my love, my therapeutic work and my search for clearer knowledge. For her love of beauty, in healing, in art forms, in her flower gardens and in her creative writing. For her deep therapeutic work in our trainings which she has organised so well for the past thirty years and more. For her endless support and care at so many levels and for the love from the depth of her heart.

For what I could share with my three children:
Adam who wished me a crown of stars and the everlasting flowers
Eilidh who taught me how to reach out from my heart, and to find my inner ground
Till who has showed me his passion for creativity, strength of freedom and natural pride

“I and my body”

Do I carry my body through this life
or does it carry me?
do I take care of it,
for richer, for poorer,
for better, for worse,
in sickness, in health,
as long as we stay together,
or does it take care of me?
when I rise out of bed,
I leave an imprint in the sheets,
the shape of my body.

When I rise out of my body,
I leave an imprint in the flesh,
the shape of who has been living there.

When the light goes out
my shadow is gone;
when the life goes out
my body is gone.

Who dies?
Not I.